Mia Tenda


Mia Tenda (my tent) is a collective of four buildings situated on 3 acres of mostly untouched woodland.


The main cabin is 24 x 24 feet and is the main living area, including kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom,



“Auld Lang Syne”, an 18 x 20 ft. “bunky”, is a combination quest room and office. Named so because I have a lot of old memories stored there,

The storage shed, for gardening tools, summer furniture, log splitter, and any other paraphernalia that needs to find a home,


The woodshed, for storing wood and kindling for the stove in the main cabin,


Gardens now covered for the winter,

and finally here are the residents of Mia Tenda


Molly, a chocolate lab, and



Until next time,


Published by: Ellecee

"Daunted by the futility of trying to keep up with all the demands they can't possible keep, some will just surrender and retire gracefully into relative oblivion; Following Candid's advice they will give up the world and cultivate their little gardens." Flow- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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