I’m growing fonder of my staff;

I’m growing dimmer in my eyes;

I’m growing fainter in my laugh;

I’m growing deeper in my sighs;

I’m growing careless of my dress;

I’m growing frugal of my gold;

I’m growing wise; I’m growing–yes,–

I’m growing old.”

― John Godfrey Saxe

A few months ago I started a blog called “Septuagenarian”

I thought I was going to write insightful articles about aging, having entered this hallowed period myself recently. However, I found that I didn’t have very much to say, perhaps because I don’t feel any differently than I did years ago. Or perhaps because so many ideas have already been expressed very well and we all have access to them almost everywhere.

Oh certainly some of the things in the poem above are happening to me, my energy level is lower, I do forget things and I can’t jump as high as I used to 🙂

Am I growing wise? I don’t think so. I criticize less, think before I speak (most of the time), pay more attention, I’m more compassionate. I don’t think those things add up to wisdom but they do make life more agreeable for me and for those around me.

What I am speaking about here is the fact that my mind seems the same as it always was. Filled with many of the same questions and desires and idiosyncrasies. Not all  questions have been answered,  or desires met and the idiosyncrasies that carry on are distinctly my own.

So this was my thought for today. To let those, who may have wondered, know what happened to “Septuagenarian”

Until next time
let us
“chop wood and carry water”.








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