Tuesday Daily

We arrived back to the cabin on Sunday to discover that all of our wonderful snow is fast melting away. The chores I anticipated having to do after the recent storm are now non-existent. That should make me happy; however, I have a long list of things to do to move along with. What to do next?

We brought my daughter’s pet poodle, Jake, back for a visit. He loves the morning walks when he’s here. He keeps very busy hovering for the scents of wildlife.


If he connects with a trail, he’s off to the chase. If it’s a scent of something large, he hides behind me on the path. At least I think that’s what causes a sudden burst of timidity.


The sun was shining this morning and created some soft shadows among the trees,,


 and the ice on the frozen lake creates it’s own images and reflections,,


At last we make our way home, somewhat subdued after all the excitement of the chase.

We return to the cabin, have a little nap, then see what the rest of the day has in store.

Until next time


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