Fractured bright light in inverted cones

Turqoise blue hues in iceberg’s bones

White covered peaks and tundra’s snow

Where polar bears, wolverines and snowgeese go


In my own front yard a winter’s yarn

Snowmen and snowflakes flaunt winter’s charm

Safe from the house a blizzard’s scene

After the snowfall a blanket serene


Blinded eyes from the glare off the snow

Cold warms the heart that adventure knows

The turn of the ski or the ice on a blade

The resonant beauty of a winter’s glade


I can’t stand still in the winter night

I have to move for the weak sunlight

I stay in motion to warm my skin

With several layer’s I’m all tucked in


The soulful warmth of a winter’s day

The heat of anger will melt away

The inner healing white made so nice

Anger turns to a shard of ice


Ray Andrews



Until next time


Published by: Ellecee

"Daunted by the futility of trying to keep up with all the demands they can't possible keep, some will just surrender and retire gracefully into relative oblivion; Following Candid's advice they will give up the world and cultivate their little gardens." Flow- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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