Reading Group


“He that loves reading has everything within his reach ”
William Godwin

I belong to a reading group.

On the last Tuesday of every month we meet to discuss our current book.

In March we read Man by Kim Thuy 

Our members range in age from 90 to 72, there are seven of us. The other members of the group have been meeting for a period covering ten years. I’m sure they have seen a lot of changes over that time, both in one another and in the books that they read. I am a late comer and the youngest member. I have been with them for about three years.

I was accepted as a member through my sister, who voted for me when one of the group left.

At first I felt intimidated. Here was a group of women, most of them with higher educations than I, who had been reading together for a long time. I  wondered what I could contribute.

As it turns out they have helped me become a much more discerning reader. Knowing we will be discussing the story and the author I give more thought to what it is I’m reading. I believe I now garner a lot more knowledge.

I enjoy discussing the books. There are times when some of us don’t enjoy the book that was chosen. Even when we all enjoy the read, we have different points of view on the characters, the plot and the author. We have stimulating conversations.

After the book discussion we enjoy a cup of tea and a small food offering. This is the social side of our meeting when we catch up on what is happening around town and how everyone is feeling.

Being an introvert, I am hesitant about joining groups, or having public discussions with people. However I truly enjoy this monthly encounter with women who have much to teach me about the art of observation and the joys  and sorrows to be found between the covers of books.

May we continue,,,

Until next time


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