Gone Again

Reposted from Stacte , Poetry by Ellecee



The summer angst is over. What would flower has bloomed; what would be eaten has been consumed. Cabin dwellers and woodland creatures are all happy in their own way. The leaves are magnificent in their dying. The air crisp as temperatures fall. Gardens are bedded down with a layer of mulch, and bulbs buried to sleep until a new Spring’s blooming. She sits  and admires it all, is grateful for all, is faith-filled again for another season.

Flowers have grown old

Falling petals making mulch

Her pathway follows



Until next time


Published by: Ellecee

"Daunted by the futility of trying to keep up with all the demands they can't possible keep, some will just surrender and retire gracefully into relative oblivion; Following Candid's advice they will give up the world and cultivate their little gardens." Flow- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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