Social Media & Me

Social Media

I am signed up with Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Instagram, Pinterest, Goodreads, SoundCloud, and Twitter.


Is this true?    Sometimes I get caught 🙂


Is this true? Maybe a little 🙂




When I joined all of these I had free access to the internet and I imagined myself participating fully. However, there was work, work and more work. So I never did do as much as I wanted. But, I did much more than I do today.

Now I live in the woods and access to internet is either impossible or very expensive.

When I first arrived I called the providers I could find. East link came to the cabin. They had a truck with a lift like the ones the NS Power people use. It lifted the man up high into the tress to test for a signal. There was no joy in the process. The canopy of the trees here is over 50 feet and block the signal. To high to even consider putting an antenna on the roof of the cabin. These men told me it would very likely be the same with all other providers.

I asked around the community and found out that some people were using Bell Aliant. They offer a 4G modem that picks up cell phone signals.

It works. It’s expensive. It works on a tier system. You pay for what you use. The highest tier is 5 which is 15GB and costs $72. I have used 12.4 GB this month and it’s only the 15th
After 15GB you pay $0.00097 per MB. Ouch!

I am retired on a fixed income. So I have been curtailed.

So when my friends and family don’t see me about in Social Media forums, this is the reason.

Sad but true,

Until next time


Social Media 2



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