“I’m just a totally selfish worker bee creating my little mini projects.”
David Shields


I always have two or three projects on the go, some turn out well and some not so much :

Remember the Winter Sowing? That one was partially successful. Two of the containers
have produced some tiny plants, the other did not,,

The sunflowers didn’t sprout. It looks like I have some Chinese Lanterns and Coneflowers. Still very tiny and to small to put into the garden I think. So the jury is still out on this one.

The plants I started inside faired a little better and these could probably go into the garden now – if I could only remember what they are,,,,


I bought a hanging basket of Tumbling Tom cherry tomatoes from a local garden centre. Right now they look very good and I’m hoping the fruit will ripen and I will be enjoying tomato snacks a little later in the season,,,


Currently they are all housed in a miniature green house, kindly donated to me by my good friends and neighbours,,


The smaller pot on the bottom, also donated by my friend, contains two kinds of hot peppers and another tomato plant.


Last but not least is my effort to create a wild flower shade garden. I have never been successful in this spot with anything I planted there. This year I fortified the earth with a new soil mixture and compost. As you see there are lots of sprouts. But will they flower?


Everyone is hoping for success. I will keep you posted (is that a pun?)

Until next time



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