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Today we’re reflecting on this past month’s podcasts related to aging.

Of course they have been mainly from my own point of view. Many of you in your 70’s to 90’s may take a different point of view and that is how it should be.  We do not all think alike and many differing views are welcome in our world.

I like this quote by Mahatma Gandhi

“live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”

No matter which part of the journey we are on there is always something to do and something to learn

“Old age is your own creation: it can be a misery, it can be a celebration; it can be simply a despair, and it can also be a dance. It all depends how deeply ready you are to accept existence, whatsoever it brings.”  Rajneesh

My hopes for happiness and good travels go out to all of us on the path.


please enjoy this week’s podcast




Until next time


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