“Daunted by the futility of trying to keep up with all the demands they can’t possible keep, some will just surrender and retire gracefully into relative oblivion; Following Candid’s advice they will give up the world and cultivate their little gardens.”

taken from Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

This quote essentially sums up the reasons I came to live at Mia Tenda.  Retiring after 45 years of service in the financial world, I decided it was time to do a complete switch. So I purchased the property and moved in.

The first few years were sometimes a struggle; getting used to the silence, the critters and
the semi-isolation. I spent most of my time trekking in the woods, creating paths to follow, writing, and sitting on the deck with a glass of wine.

In time, I decided I should try my luck at gardening, and, to my surprise, this is becoming a
new passion for me.

I hope, over time, to create a tranquil, rustic and enjoyable space for myself. Hopefully one that family and friends can enjoy as well.

This blog is simply my recording of the adventure I have while living in the woods. If they are of interest to anyone that will be a good thing. Mostly , though, it is to help me remember from nearly the beginning.






2 thoughts on “About

  1. I remember when I first moved to the country. (I’m back in a moderate sized town now, but my husband and I lived in the country for about 18 years.) The most prominent thing about it was the silence. At first, it bothered me, but I gradually grew to appreciate it very much. The other great blessing was being able to step outside and see myriads of brilliant stars. City lights — even in a small city — subtract so much from the night sky.


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