a. To improve in health or condition: The patient is mending well.
b. To heal: The bone mended in a month.

My cold is finally “on the mend” and I have returned to Mia Tenda.

The doctor prescribed Amoxicillin and when that is completed I am to take Omnaris. Amoxicillin is a penicillin type antibiotic pill and Omnaris is a Corticosteroid nasal spray.

Now the name Corticosteroid is enough to cause anyone to pause and think. This was prescribed to me before but I didn’t use it. I was nervous about any name that contains steroid in it.

However this time I am going to give it a go as “the doctor” believes that it will help to alleviate my shortness of breath. We shall see.

This has been a bit of a drag to say the least so I am very pleased to be feeling much better.


Molly and I walked to the lake today. It was a lovely day even though the picturesque snow is all gone. Now the lake ice is giving up other interesting images to ponder. As I have said before, I never tire of discovering Nature’s artistry.


Here it looks as if there is a small version of a polar bear swimming beneath the ice. This is where my imagination takes me anyway.


As we walked along the lake’s edge I could hear the booms beneath the shifting ice as it’s breaking up. The sound always makes me feel as if Spring cannot be far away.

Until next time


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